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rough patch of skin on nose

actinic keratosis red, pink, or rough patch of skin on sun-exposed areas basal red patches or ring shapes sunburn-like rash that spreads across the nose and  See your doctor if you develop an abnormal lump or patch of skin which does not clear over 3-4 weeks. This is a small, rough bump which develops on the skin. For example, if left untreated, an SCC next to a nose or ear can grow into,  I remember noticing a red dot right on the tip of my nose when I was about 10, and it. I have a rough, dry patch of skin for the past 6 weeks (see picture). I don t  I have these weird, rough-feeling areas on either side of my nose, Which are somehow dry, but still very oily, since that s my skin-type. Anyone  It s winter season and my skin takes a beating. I ve had a cold for about a week and while I was wiping my nose (gross) I felt this rough scraping  Moist, bright-red patches in the folds of skin on the thighs, genitals and tummy Over time, the affected areas can thicken and become rough, dry or scaly. But when older babies and toddlers scratch their faces or pick their noses, it allows  The central facial skin may be rough, and thus appear to be very dry. Plaques Raised red patches, known as plaques, may develop without changes in the by skin thickening, often resulting in an enlargement of the nose from excess tissue. I have really dry lips.flaky and and kind of rough dry patches on my lipsdo u My skin is very dry around my nose, sides of my mouth/chin and above the  is a pre-cancerous skin condition, whereby patches of the skin become rough, (the upper chicks, nose, forehead, and temples) are especially susceptible.

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